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Mintage Steels Limited

Thank you for showing your interest in MINTAGE Products. Today we are one of the leading & fastest growing Company. We are the Manufacturers & Exporters of Stainless Steel Kitchenware, Thermoware, Cookware, Storageware, Hotelware, Tableware, Serveware, Cutlery, Canteen Accessories, Lifestyle Products, Indoor & Outdoor Dustbins & Corporate Gifts.

Mintage’s pioneering spirit has been showcased in its wide variety of products designed with over 35+ years of experience in the stainless steel industry with our thorough consideration to every step of the production process.

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Mending and Casting In a huge electric furnace, the constituent raw materials that make up stainless steel products are combined and melted. This phase involves putting on intense heat for eight to twelve hours straight. After the steel has finished melting, the necessary semi-finished shapes are cast from the molten steel.
The majority of elevated stainless steel is certified for temperatures up to 500°, but you should confirm with the product’s stainless steel cookware manufacturer to be assured your pan is oven-safe. They may thus be used to prepare one-dish pasta dishes as well as thick steaks and pork chops that are seared on the cooktop and then finished in the oven.
In order to create austenitic stainless steel, nickel is essential. By applying a magnet onto your stainless steel equipment, you may perform the "magnet test" to determine if it contains nickel or not. If the magnet adheres, the cookware is "safe," meaning there is no nickel involved (which is an austenite steel).

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